Monterey History and Art at
Stanton Center

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Open 10am – 5pm • Closed Fridays

From its founding in 1931, the purpose of the Monterey History and Art Association has been to collect, preserve and own paintings, sketches, drawing, records, books, manuscripts, charts and other material pertaining to the history and art of Monterey and California. In 1992, Stanton Center opened as a showcase for display of selected portions of the collections of the Association. These include many works by well-known local artists, contemporary artists, and historic artifacts including costumes, books, and items relating to the maritime history of Monterey. Featured art collections include Armin Hansen, Paul Whitman, Jo Mora, and Salvador Dali among others. This museum is known today as Monterey History and Art at Stanton Center.

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Built in 1991, Stanton Center was designed by Carmel architect Robert Stanton. It is locally owned and operated by MHAA. It is located directly over the Lighthouse Tunnel between Fisherman’s Wharf and Custom House Plaza.