Monterey History and Art at
Stanton Center

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Open 10am – 5pm • Closed Fridays

Monterey History and Art at Stanton Center provides a space dedicated to showcasing the skills and talents of individuals who have made significant contributions to Monterey’s history.

A focus on local art, both past and present, allows visitors to explore the artistic heritage and creative expressions that have shaped Monterey’s cultural landscape. The Stanton Center features a diverse range of artwork, including paintings, sculptures, photography, and more. The showcased artists include historical and contemporary creators who draw inspiration from Monterey’s rich history.

Visiting the Stanton Center provides an opportunity to appreciate the artistic achievements of those who have made a meaningful impact on the Monterey Bay, allowing guests to engage with the cultural fabric of the region and gain a deeper understanding of its historical significance.

If you have the chance to explore the Stanton Center, you can expect to encounter a blend of artistic creativity and Monterey’s unique heritage. The Stanton Center’s locally owned and operated nature and community-focused mindset contributes directly to its intimate atmosphere, offering a distinct experience that highlights the talents and stories of local art.

Overall, Monterey History and Art at Stanton Center promises an immersive and educational journey through the artistic and historical aspects of this captivating coastal city.

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Built in 1991, Stanton Center was designed by Carmel architect Robert Stanton. It is locally owned and operated by MHAA. It is located directly over the Lighthouse Tunnel between Fisherman’s Wharf and Custom House Plaza.