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Jo Mora: Chapters in a Life

Few artistic legacies are more interesting than that of Joseph Jacinto Mora (1876−1947). Mora’s artistic gifts range over a wide variety of mediums, including drawing, painting, illustration, cartooning, sculpture, photography, map-making, and writing, their diversity being an amazing accomplishment for one person. The Monterey History and Art Association acquired the Jo Mora Archive in 2022.

Armin Hansen and Paul Whitman

Paul Lingenbrink Whitman (1897-1950) was an American artist known for his versatility and mastery of a number of artistic media. He was one of the original members of the celebrated Carmel, California, art community, which included over the years such notable American artists as William Ritschel, Armin Hansen (one of Whitman’s mentors), Gottardo Piazzoni, Charles Rollo Peters, as well as photographer Ansel Adams and poet Robinson Jeffers.

Armin (Carl) Hansen (1886-1957) was born in San Francisco to a German-artist father. Armin attended the School of Design. After the 1906 earthquake, he was sent to Germany for art study. Armin spent his summers as a sailor on Norwegian trawlers. By the time he returned to San Francisco in 1912, he was completely dedicated to marine painting. The next year he moved to Monterey where he soon gathered a large group of students who have enthusiastically labeled his teaching years as “Monterey’s Golden Age.” Hansen was made an Associate of the National Academy of Design in 1926 and in 1948 became a full Academician. Armin Hansen was one of the founders of the Monterey History and Art Association.

Featured Local Artist – Germain Hatcher

Our gallery is proud to exhibit an artist from our local Monterey community every three months in our Local Artists Exchange.

Our current featured artist is local artist, owner of Imagine Art Supplies, and art mentor with the Youth Arts Collective, Germain Hatcher.

“Beyond Bullwhip Days” is Hatcher’s attempt to resurrect, reconstruct, and remember history as it was and is, in its rawness and layered beauty.

Salvador Dalí

(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Salvador Dali called Monterey home for about 7 years in the 1940’s and has contributed to Monterey’s History in very memorable ways. We proudly showcase a small collection of his art as a surrealistic representation of the impact he left on our community. The Stanton Center is no longer exclusively a Salvador Dali Exhibition and he is one of many artists that we exhibit.